Justice is heavily tilted to one side.

Karachi: 20 April 2022: Justice is not blind, it is one-eyed, and that the scale is not evenly balanced, it heavily tilted to one side.
Dispensation of justice is one of the several attributes of Allah almighty.
The Qazi sees no evil, hears no evil, and smells no evil in the event of betrayal of about 15% of legislators of a governing party. He chooses to depose a sitting government rather than disqualifying the unprincipled MPs. He takes suo moto action, chairs hearing on Sunday, and reconvenes it at midnight. This is unconventional, not done even in a Banana Reublic. Will His Lordship ever sleep in peace? Was he not a part of both the “interference”, and “conspiracy”? Ashamed. Now we more know as to why the judiciary is ranked 124th in the access to justice index in a list of 132 countries
Iftikhar Kazmi

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