Kamehameha Schools the first English-only school in Hawaii


Hawaii: 25 February 2022:This photo is basically Kamehameha Schools (the first English-only school in Hawai’i) was modeled after Carlisle boarding school to convert ʻōiwi to Christianity/patriarchy/capitalism/militarism. Missionary elite Charles Reed Bishop knew what he was doing when he married into Kānaka royalty. He started First Hawaiian Bank around the same time. Many elite marriages at the time were hyperpolitical and tragic. John Dominis and Queen Liliʻuokalani didn’t even sleep in the same room because he and his family were too racist to allow it. Not saying KS is all bad or that Bishop is the worst of the bunch (he wasn’t nearly). And I am no doubt better off—at least in terms of capital—with the education and skills to make it in a colonial world. And culturally, and in terms of educational accuracy, KS is headed in a positive direction. But this is simple fact…that we must continue to grapple with.

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