Kangna gave her 9th flop film, earned only 4000, but she continue to Bash other stars


Mumbai: 30 May 2022: A week before the release of Alia's Gangubai, Kangana said: "This Friday 200 crore will be burnt to ashes at box office for a papa (movie mafia daddy) ki pari because papa wants to prove that rom-com bimbo can act". To which Alia maturely responded: "I have no negative feelings for her". And today, we know that Gangubai not only performed extremely well on screens but also on Netflix. Whereas Kangana gave her 9th flop in a row, with Dhakadd earning 4k rupees on its 8th day, which is much less than what burger bachay get as Eidi. The moral is: Work on yourself, because the time you spend on pulling others down is the time they are utilizing to achieve success. People always fall in the hole they dig for others. Alia had to disable her Social media comments due to the hate Kangana directed towards her through her followers. Now, look who is reaping what they sowed. Poetic justice for Justice Didi.

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