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Karachi: 13 November 2021:Karachi is the center of politics where people are being mistreated .Khalil Jibran said in his comments that "Last week we’d shared a video of an affectee, Shahid Bhai, who had a heart attack when his home was wrongly demolished. Last night, his wife, Zakia had a heart attack and she passed away. We are all absolutely devastated by her loss. This is class warfare and it is costing lives.
There is an emerging health crisis in affected communities, directly linked to demolitions. As inflation rises, people are literally being robbed off their shelter. Can you imagine watching your entire livelihood turn into rubble? To be forced out of your home?
There are multiple heart patients amongst the affectees of this anti-poor campaign. What will become of them? The government is signing their death sentence with every new demolition. These are inhuman, insurvivable conditions, and today we lost Zakia Shahid to them.
In light of this, we demand that (1) an FIR be filed against two representatives of KMC - Mazhar Khan and Khalil;
(2) that immediate rehabilitation be provided to Shahid bhai's family and all affected persons;
(3) a committee for a rehabilitation plan that includes affectees be set up by the government with immediate effect;
(4) the government halt all demolitions till rehabilitation and relief are provided to all affectees;
(5) the government stop over cutting homes of people with less privilege to save the homes of those with power and money.
Khalil Jibran

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