Karachi Mangroves need immediate protection or the entirety of Sindh will pay the Price

Karachi: 9 September 2021: I've said it before and I'll say it again, when it comes to Karachi PPP uses political rhetoric against its opponents when in fact it's motives are the exact same as the others. Karachi's mangroves need immediate protection or the entirety of Sindh will be lost.

We are already seeing widespread destruction in Thatta, Badin, and Sajawal due to the loss of mangrove habitats down in Karachi. If PPP genuinely cares about Sindh it needs to protect Sindh from climate disasters rather than plunging it deeper into the mire.

Khalil jibran also commented that PPP played politics on Buddu/Bundal but Sec Forests Sindh Govt after months of denial today admitted in response to our Petition that Buddu, Bundal Mangroves aren't protected. Honorable  Sindh High Court questions conduct, directs Govt to submit clear stance about islands' future by 1.30pm. Now PPP must answer was the entire protest against PIDA a drama because why should PTI turn Buddu/Bundal into money making real estate when PPP thought of it before in 2012 with Bahria Town.

The whole debate about Mangroves/Environment by Parties was a farce. Only money matters.

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