Keanu is the real life hero, super human, and kind to the next level


New York: 6 Sep 2022: Actor, film director, film producer and musician Keanu Charles Reeves (Keanu Charles Reeves), missed the first 20 minutes of the party dedicated to the end of filming of his new film in one of the clubs in New York.
He waited patiently in the rain to be let in.
No one recognized him.
The club owner said: "I didn't even know Keanu was standing in the rain waiting to be let in - he didn't say anything to anyone."
"He travels by public transport".
"He easily communicates with homeless people on the street and helps them".
- He is only 58 years old (September 2, 1964)
- He can just eat a hot dog in the park, sitting between ordinary people.
- After filming one of the "Matrix", he gave all the stuntmen a new motorcycle - in recognition of their skill.
- He gave up most of the fee for the salaries of costume designers and computer scientists who draw special effects in "The Matrix" - decided that their share of participation in the budget of the film was underestimated.
- He reduced his fee in the film The Devil's Advocate" to have enough money to invite Al Pacino.
- Almost at the same time his best friend died; his girlfriend lost a child and soon died in a car accident, and his sister fell ill with leukemia.
Keanu did not break: he donated $5 million to the clinic that treated his sister, refused to shoot (to be with her), and created the Leukemia Foundation, donating significant sums from each fee for the film.
You can be born a man, but to remain one..

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