Khaula Bibi, 6 year old, the youngest, and only female student killed in the horrific Peshawar attack.

Kamran Rehmat
Hyderabad: 16 December 2021: It's been seven years. At a loss for words every time. I tried going through that famous tribute special which I haven't read fully yet but couldn't. Even the first one is enough to make you all teary. Khaula Bibi, Age: 6, Class: 1 Khaula was the youngest, and only female student killed in the horrific attack. According to her father, a teacher at APS, December 16 was Khaula’s first day at school. She had gained admission to class 1 a day earlier, and was excited to study at the same school as her siblings.
Her family describes little Khaula as a flower. Even at that tender age, she was passionate about education and was outspoken about the right of girls to go to school. She helped weak classmates with their English and Urdu. She persuaded a professor in her neighbourhood to send his daughter to school, and despite his vehement opposition, he melted. He was swayed by Khaula and her sweet words.
Her family is shattered. Her mother says she will never recover from the loss of her precious daughter. Her father tries to be brave for the family, but in his heart, he mourns Khaula every day.

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