Kids feet were burning, Police man allowed him to put his feet on his shoe till traffic pass


Mumbai: 26 May 2023: Humanity is still alive, There are people that has care and kindness for the others in this challenging time where cut throat competition is everywhere.The name of this traffic police soldier is Ranjit Singh Yadav. 2 kids were crossing the road signal was off baby feet were burning.
The child said- Head and feet are burning, cross the road, Ranjit said- Keep your feet on my feet until the traffic stops" 
Sepoy Ranjit Singh ji wrote on his Facebook - As soon as that child laid his foot on my feet, I felt like God put his feet on me.
I bought the slippers and gave them, but this feeling of today will be remembered forever...!! Such under priviledge kids are already have been through alot. Your one kind act and word can make their day, and they will believe that the world is not full of cruel people.

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