Knowing you was like meeting another universe in the midst of chaos

Hyderabad: 4 February 2022: And of all the roads I've taken, the path that leads me to you, is the most wonderful experience I've ever had. I don't know how does fate works, but perhaps it works perfect this time. I'm not quite a believer of destiny, but I'm quietly wishing for God to make you my destination. I know there's probably plenty of hindrances between us now, but I'm hoping all these barriers will soon disappear somehow.
Of all the circumstances I've been, meeting you was one of the best things. I don't know how but the moment you came into my life, there's something in me that changed. I know it'll take luck and patience to make this works for us, but I'm trading all my hopes now. I'm taking every risk possible. I'm taking the courage to keep you.
Knowing you was like meeting another universe in the midst of chaos. It's like the world stops turning. Like a sunrise paused, to make such magical scene. Like a first day of spring, that bloomed in my heart. Like a serene sound beneath the noise. You came to give me something I haven't experience yet. You make me feel like I'm in different place, but I never get lost.
I know I've said this countless times as an advice to everyone, but now I'm telling this to myself "take every chances of happiness you can get". Because life is too short to spend in regrets and what ifs. I may not know what comes next, but I'm choosing to be happy. I'm choosing you to become my happiness.
I'm painting pictures in my head, pictures of you and me, someday. Us, together in most picturesque view, holding each other's hand. Funny it may sound for now, but I will never stop praying to God, for this moment to happen. I'm taking my luck this time, hoping every single thing collided to make my prayers do come true.
I don't quite know how far this gonna go, but I'll enjoy this journey with you. I promise to stay longer, and this time I mean it. Know that you're in my heart, sealed and safe. What's in store for us, only God will know.

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