Hyderabad: 12 Dec 2022: And she waits, thinking love is round the corner.
And she waits, crying for the love she lost.
And she waits, once a lover, now a mourner.
And she waits, never thinking of the cost.
So she waits, as the dust collects in shadows.
And she waits for the one to make her smile.
She isolates all her love within her gallows
Just to taste what was with her all the while.
Now she's gone, she left life without the kiss.
She is gone, now a story of the past.
She is gone, oh what love and joy she missed.
She is gone, now a haunting shadow cast.
Clear the shadows, let your love speak up itself.
No more waiting, this life is yours to live.
Dance each chance, don't leave love upon a shelf
And feel life from all the love you give.
Do not wait for the love you hold inside.
Do not wait, feel the glowing of your star.
Do not wait, push all broken fears aside.
Don't hesitate, for this love is all you are.
When we wait, we're a statue of the past.
When we wait, we leave a story stuck in grief.
Do not wait for this life goes by so fast.
Your time is now, to make your love your true belief.
Heather Lea

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