Ladies You are meant to do more, Married life and study can go hand in hand, Noorul Ain,


Lahore: 29 January 2022: Im Noorul Ain Aftab, I got married when I was 18. I did my bachelors after my marriage and got 2nd position in it, but due to family commitments, I had to discontinue my studies.
But amidst all the chores, deep inside, a voice would keep calling, "You are meant to do more". Having ignored this voice for too long, I enrolled myself in Masters program in AIOU and started teaching as soon as my children started going to school. My husband, seeing the efforts I would put in every small assignment, urged me to go for CSS.
With two demanding children and sick mother in law to attend to, along with teaching O levels and studying for last semester of Masters, I set off for preparing for CSS. I had the untiring support of my husband who stayed by my side till the end. It was his strength that kept me motivated.
But the moment of glory came with the moment of grief. My husband passed away in an accident a week before my CSS result came out. I had been allocated but the person who had made it possible wasn't there to celebrate it with me.
I feel as if he knew all along that he was going to go. That all this while he was trying to help equip me with everything that I would need when he was gone. And now I want call out to him with pride and say "We did it"!
I'm thankful to God for choosing me for a partner like him and a privilege like civil service, I resolve to live up to both of these blessings.

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