Learn to known the fake number plates of Car


Hyderabad: 18 December 2021: A class 9 student from the local Government High School was sent this morning, as a part of a series of experiments, to identify issues relating to visual capability of the Sindh Police.
Before entering the premises he was given a four minute briefing on how to differentiate between legal and fraudulent number plates. The briefing was given while standing on the footpath. (No foreign funding, no 5 star hotel, no seminar, no high tea).
The task given was to walk from the gate to the High Court Registry and take photographs of all vehicles that he thought carried fake number plates and return back to gate in 5 minutes. (2.5 minutes going and 2.5 minutes returning).
The class 9 student returned in 5 minutes after capturing 6 photographs showing illegal number plate cars.
The experiment was verified by the trainer to confirm if the student had missed any illegal number plate cars. The instructor found that the student had correctly captured the six fake cars (shown in attached pictures), but not 4 other private cars that had their number plates covered / hidden by shields saying ‘Sindh High Court’. The omission was attributed to inadequate training as the trainer had missed this point in the 4 minute training session.
As there are over a dozen policemen on duty in the same premises, one can only wonder if the problem lies with their training, competence, eye sight, system or will.
Naeem Sadiq

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