Learn to let go...


Hyderabad: 18 December 2021: "If I could ask you to teach me one thing— please teach me how to let you go. Because I'm constantly haunted by this tiny hope that casts enormous screams of our promises, the future that we could've built, and the life we're supposed to live. Tell me how to kill that hope, or at least tell me how to let go of something that has left me a couple of hundred times. Tell me how not to keep on going back to you because the more I come back— the more I lose myself. "Lovers love to drag themselves into a rabbit hole over and over again. Then they'll end up crying with the same ending that they've seen before, they'll end up raging over red flags that they have noticed yet left ignored, they'll end up wounded with the hope to get some treatment from the same hands that caused them pain. The funny thing is that I used to laugh at them— until you came."

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