Let go of your Ego

Hyderabad: 22 October 2021: Ego is harmful, either Ego remains or the relationship. Most of the people are unhappy because of it, and many are writing in order to express their concerns. One of such girl wrote that all she can only wish for is you to say sorry, for what happened to us. You would knock my front door, bitten lips, and teary eyed. Hoping we could make up everything with just a sip of coffee. It's as if the passed days and months would cease to matter. You would talk about how you were sorry, for not considering what I feel; for being so casually red; for all the ribs that collapsed, the flooded sunsets, heavy clouds, and the faded promises— for everything you failed to show me. And there would be me, not knowing what to react, but you would watch me wipe your tears away.
But I guess the stars were stars, maybe even 11:11s weren't exactly as lucky as they perceived it to be, and that wishing wells were corrupt all along. 'Cause if I'd loved you six ways to Sunday, you only saw me in Friday night. Regardless, I yearn to hear it from you. I long everything of you. Every inch of your skin, the clear and the cracks. Every word you say, the truth and the lies. And all... that we couldn't be.
mj zyke, wishful not thinking but love

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