Life Lessons, Yes there are moments when we cant help but be weak, and that s okay

Hyderabad: 2 September 2021: There's always a time in our lives when suddenly we feel burnt-out, no matter how we love what we're doing. That's when our soul needed some space to breathe. Away from all the comfort it used to have. Sometimes we tend to ignore the longing of our soul, for we thought the purpose of our doing, will ease the pain we're having inside.

But no honey, it'll only make you feel dead inside. And no matter how huge the acknowledgement you get from something you do, the heaviness will stay the same.

When time comes that you feel nothing's gonna work out no matter how hard you try, give your soul the benefit of the doubt, let it bleed all the weight it has. 

Let it question everything, pour all the chaos it carries. You need it, because no matter how good the outcome of your doing, no matter how people see you as their hero, but deep inside you know you're scared losing that spark each time you try. Honey, know that you'll never be genuinely happy, if you're still longing for something you don't know.

Take a good rest, away from all the things that defines power. Take solitude and get to know yourself more. Negotiate and compromise. Make an understanding. And the moment you finally knew yourself, you'll get through whatever life throws at you. 

It's okay Darling. This won't mean you're being defeated. Yes there are moments when we can't help but be weak, and that's okay. Know that you deserve some rest too. Stop torturing yourself. It's alright if you can't save everyone. It's alright.

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