Life has made me stronger, More beautiful, It taught me compassion, It taught me peace

Karachi: 4 August 2022: Everything I've been through
Has made me stronger
Everything you experience in life
Can make you or break you
You can stumble and stay upright
Or lie down before you realized you fell
Often you get right back up
And sometimes you lie there for a long time
Wondering what happened
And not having the courage or the strength to get up
I know it
I know
I've been there
Often enough
I've lost some pieces of me along the way
But also found lots of pieces
Pieces that were lying in front of my feet all the time
But I seem to have walked over them
Until I fell
With my nose in it
And slowly picked up those pieces
To see that they fit me seamlessly.
We often think that pain and sorrow are bad things
Experiences you shouldn't have
We bypass them and think it's not part of a good life
And yes,...It's not fun either!
And yes, hurts!
It can be almost too heavy to bear at times.
But you know...
They are part of life.
Life has made me stronger
More beautiful
It taught me compassion
It taught me peace
Sometimes I lost faith
Or hope
But I always found them again
Just like love
They don't leave you
They just live in your heart
It was I who was temporarily blind
Because I fell
But every time I lie
I find them again
Hope, trust and universal love
They never leave you
They live in your heart

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