List of the challenges Pakistan faced in its foreign policy right after its independence.


Salma Soomro
Hyderabad: 26 October 2021: Quaid had a legacy of working on logic and law. He ardently believed in three principles of the French revolution of 1978 these three principles were: fraternity , liberty and equality. Whereas Liaquat Ali khan believed in social welfare equality for all the citizens and religious tolerance.
Zafar Ullah khan also believed in rule of law. He was the first ambassador of Pakistan and was of the view that disputes must be resolved through the UN.
Quaid said: our foreign policy should be friendliness and goodwill towards all the nations of the world, we believed in the honesty and fair play in national and international dealing, Pakistan will never be found lacking in extending support to oppressed people. There is nothing that we desire more ardently than living in peace and letting others live in peace. It was ideal to some extent.
USA and USSR conflicted at that time. Pakistan intelligence and intellectuals see communism of the 1940s was on rapid economic growth, was attracted as well, second, Russia was against colonialism and imperialism. But the downside was their atheistic idealogy. Pakistan emerged in the name of religion so we can not buy that factor of Russia.
Pakistan and Indian perspective: Quaid said Pakistan wants to live peacefully, our object should be peace within and peace without and maintain cordial relation with our immediate neighbor and world at large.
we both India Pakistan must work cordially to defend our borders.
it is of vital importance to Pakistan and India both on land and sea. but this depends entirely on India and Pakistan whether we can work on our internal affairs. the Indian government should shed their superiority and resolve their differences. Then we may be able to play a very great part internationally and deal with Pakistan on an equal basis.
India must accept Pakistan as an international entity.
Ground reality:
The Indo Pak had many differences and were facing four major issues;
1 unfair boundary commission award, it was on the behest of Nehru, they Britishers gave Gurdaspur as part of India despite the majority of Muslims in it. It was a strategic blow, it was a direct road link with Jammu and Kashmir. They were aware of the fact that nearly the chances are that Jammu and Kashmir will go with Pakistan. It was a strategic blow to Pakistan.
Hateful comments and statements of Indian leaders:
Sardar Patel said this state is not viable and Pakistan can not sustain itself as a country and will very soon join India because it could not last
Nehru: even if the whole of India burns, we will not accept Pakistan. Nehru said three days ago to the 3rd June plan, but after some time he accepted Pakistan after third June.
1st issue: unfair boundary commission award
2nd refugee influx: nearly 15 million-plus came into Pakistan Karachi looked like a tent, with no facilities and resources, Pakistan does not have any capital then.
3rd : communal rights,
from Patiala seven lacks Muslims had to leave India and accommodating them was a challenge.
4th the agreement on the division of assets: Pakistan had the share of 17 percent: Pakistan's cash flow of 750 million rupees that were due become so late, but Pakistan on the exact time returned 90 fighter planes to India.
Blocking water as a weapon: India cut of water, the main source of water for irrigation and Pakistan faced a worse agriculture crisis.
Turkey Factor: Mustafa Kamal Ataturk pasha: Quaid was inspired by him and said he is the greatest Muslim leader in the present world.
Muslim world issue: Palestine: Arab world was attacked by Jews with the help of Britishers and the USA. Earlier Pakistan's stand gives her a prominent space in the Muslim world. Pakistan said Pakistan will not accept Israel until or unless Palestinians are given their due land and right.
Quaid: I have no enmity against Jews, I am not anti-Semitic but why the Arabs are dumped with a large number of jews. Quaid Sent a cable to Truman as well.
1948 Arab Israel war: Israel came into existence.
Pakistan was accepted by Iran first time, shah of Iran, in March 1950 visited Pakistan, and the U.S.A was supporting Iran at that time. Plus the new colonial states were near to USSR and USA wanted to create support in south Asia.

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