List of the people that I owe an apology to


Hyderabad: 10 December 2021:My future self, I’m sorry if I underestimated and doubted you. It was a rough and rigorous journey before I met you. Indeed, my heart was filled with anger— unlike you. You’re happy, soft, forgiving, and contented. I’m sorry if I thought we would stay in the same dark place forever. But I’m proud of how far you’ve gotten.
My old self, I’m sorry if I invalidated your journey. I failed to protect you from traumas and pain that we could’ve avoided if only I was good at making decisions. I’m sorry if you had to go through that pain and say it was necessary for your growth. But we both know that with or without those cold sunrises, you would’ve grown anyway.
I owe a lot of apologies to myself. I’m a living proof of what people say; that someone could impress everyone, except one person— themselves. That’s why today, I’m telling my past and future self that she is enough, that her radiance is enough, that she doesn’t have to blame herself for everything. I’ll assure her that time is her best friend, and it slips away with the pain and horrors of the past, the struggles, and silent screams. I’ll tell her that everything passes away, but those pure happy memories remain. And those will be her treasures.
I owe a lot of apology to her; I shouldn’t have made her believe that she would be stuck in the rabbit hole forever because she’ll make it somewhere far from hell and a little bit closer to heaven."

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