Love at first sight


Hyderabad:17 May 2022: You know how people meet and they call it ‘love at first sight’? I think it must be amazing to experience that, to easily acknowledge that you love a person even if you don’t know anything about them yet. To have your own heart pick that person out of a crowd and instantly know that they're the one you'll be spending the rest of your life with.
But you know, honestly, I didn’t feel that when I met you. Your name wasn’t in neon lights, and I didn’t feel the butterflies or the sparks or all those things. It was a different kind of recognition, like my heart was a compass and it pointed to you, my true north. I felt at ease, I felt easily comfortable around you, which was a rare thing. I felt like I could tell you stories and you wouldn’t get tired of listening, even if I say the lamest and most senseless stuff. I felt like you’re a friend I haven’t seen in a while, and we’re just catching up with each other’s lives. I immediately knew I wanted to spend my time getting to know everything I can about you.
So perhaps it wasn’t exactly love at first sight. It was more like, ‘Oh hey there, how’s it been since the last time we met?’ It’s cliché to think that maybe in a past lifetime, we had known each other, and now we met again, but there’s one thing I know: even if I hadn’t met you, I would still miss you. And I know I wouldn’t feel at ease until I found you.

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