Lovers do not really meet, they are in each other all along

Hyderababd: 4 August 2021: How could that be? How could stars reside in your eyes?

And they didn't even seem like some kind of misplaced matters. No, they choose to settle there and act so celestial, so divine, so pure.

Like one laugh and all my bones would want to collapse, all veins sing me in blood rush, and it just makes me crave for more of this, more of that, even if it is just me staring at you having nothing to do.

Time freeze—let this be, hear me out, shrines and candles. You will be in my prayers and wishing plaques, in daydreams and letters, forevermore. That even if I was once lost, I feel found more than ever, along with the stars that live in your eyes.

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