Islamabad: 8 August 2022: Injured Arshad Nadeem creates new #CWG2022 record, becoming the first man at the Games, and the first South Asian, to break the 90m barrier. He's also the first Pakistani to land track & field gold at the Games in 60 years!
Enduring severe pain in his throwing arm, Pakistan's Javelin champion leaves the arena in tears of joy after creating a new #CWG record and becoming the first South Asian to breach the 90m mark. Make no mistake, this astonishing comeback feat is one of the greatest.
Bitter reality is Everything has gone down the drain. Our hockey finished our squash finished the only game where the whole country is interested in unfortunately cricket. In a country of say now 300 million we don’t have a decent number of athletes to even represent us in olympics. I feel maybe its due to our downgrade as a nation. When our nations sportsmen have to start doing odd jobs to survive what to expect. We cant pay our talent but the heads of every federation have to have a pay of a million rupees minimum. The hero who brought honour are on their own efforts. I wish to see our beautiful country flourish once again

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