Hyderabad: 18 June 2022: For thousands of years, shamans have known what scientists are proving today – that we can change the very icon of time to see the different types of time that surround us. ​In this course, we will step outside of linear time, into a place where we live differently, heal differently, and die differently. By mastering time, we give the universe the opportunity to do what it does naturally, which is to conspire on our behalf. In sacred time, the future as well as the past is available to us, and everything is happening at once. Mastery of time teaches you how to step into infinity to fix things before they are born. Just as a person can track a deer through the forest, you can learn to track into the past to discover an ancient wound that can be healed today. Or to track into the future to find a healed state that can reach back like a giant hand and guide.

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