MEHWISH HAYAT amazing work in Ms Marvel , despite she was trolled


Karachi: 24 June 2022: Seeing a lot of people making fun of Mehwish Hayat to be featured in Disney's Ms Marvel. But this does not change the fact that for an actor, this is one of the biggest achievements one can imagine! This is not merely 'some' Hollywood flick, but Marvel cinematic universe which is one of the biggest & most sought after franchises to have existed! Is this our inner insecurity? Jealousy? How hard is it to praise our own people for their real achievements instead of making a mockery? Ms Marvel has enabled millions of brown girls across the globe to be represented as a superhero for the first time! It is a milestone. And every single character, including Samina Jee's appearance in the series is OUR achievement! So proud of everyone who could represent us on such an international platform and enabling the West to see us beyond our third world status!
She looks absolutely stunning , More power to her. We as a nation can't tolerate it when we see someone doing better than us. Sadly we are filled with so much hate, envy and jealousy.

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