Me and my Husband do not have children by Choice, and that's Ok


Hyderabad: 15 June 2022: Thespians, actors and long-time friends Nadia Afgan and Omair Rana made an appearance on Time Out with Ahsan Khan to talk about their roles on television, their shared love for theatre, love lives, children and a bunch of amusing childhood anecdotes. After being dominantly seen on mainstream television shows, both Rana and Afgan have now become selective with their works and are hence, spotted less frequently on the silver screen. Talking about the break, Rana revealed that he had been primarily busy with his now released film, Kamli, and with his family in Lahore, he prefers taking breaks between work. Similarly, Afgan shared that she intentionally takes on lesser work but there are other grave reasons behind it. “About two years ago, I decided to do this for myself and Rana would agree with it. Sure, I want to earn money but I realised that jis risq se apki parwaaz mai kotahi ho, [the money that hinders your productivity and growth] I can't do that anymore. I was offered poorly written characters, repetitive scripts, same avatars and run-of-the-mill storylines that I was never happy on set.”

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