Medical malpractices

Karachi: 11 January 2022: It's 2022 and obstetricians in many public hospitals of Pakistan are still using Dilation and Curettage (D&C) as their go to method for all things PV bleeding, including unconfirmed assumptions of retained products of conception if a patient comes with PPH (continued bleeding after delivery). D&C isn't a panadol tablet, that you just conveniently perform on a woman without thinking. I'm genuinely sick and tired of this. Should public health specialists be telling clinicians what protocols to follow when it's their job to keep themselves updated? Also, I'm going to write to the Sindh Commission on the Status of Women to do an investigation into obstetric and gynecological malpractice at both public and private hospitals. Obstetricians genuinely need to develop a soul. For crying out loud stop randomly operating on women without establishing any diagnoses. Women aren't lab rats. If you're a woman and your gyno is asking you to take a D&C, do your research before hand. 1. Ask her for what clinical condition must you have a D&C? 2. Ask her if she can do a manual vacuum aspiration instead? 3. Submit your specimen for a histo-pathological analysis after the procedure. 4. Confirm whether your gyno's initial diagnoses was correct or not after the histopathological report.
Dr Muhammad Moiz

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