Most of us never learned how to love and value ourselves in the present moment

Hyderabad: 6 November 2021: Because most of us never learned how to love and value ourselves in the present, just the way we are, we constantly look to a fantasy reality in the future where we think we’ll be more lovable, more deserving of love, or more able to love ourselves than we do right now. Less often, some of us even take this dynamic and turn it around by looking back on our past with regretful thoughts (‘I used to love myself when ...’ or ‘I would love myself if I looked like I did back when ...’). In these rarer cases our conditions keep us stuck in guilt, regret or resentment over what has been and gone and therefore no longer is. Regardless of where we place our conditions, if we continue to relate to ourselves in conditional ways, we’ll never get to the future place or the past place where we’re finally ready to love ourselves here in the present. We have to begin to love ourselves now in order to create, accomplish or find what we desire most in life. It is never the other way around, despite how much we believe it to be so. ⁣
- Excerpt from the international bestseller You Were Not Born To Suffer by Blake D. Bauer⁣

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