Motherhood, Once you have Kid it is going to be a 25 year long project


Hyderabad: 5 September 2021: Motherhood is challenging, it requires love , attention and sacrifice, whereas sometimes they parents dont get anything in return. We must appreciate them for their contribution .Whenever I think of my mother, I just wish we could've longer time together. Though I know she's in peace now but sometimes when worries consumed me, I just wish she's here. We had a great time before, we talked about a lot of things.

I confined her every single thing. And now that I'm getting older I missed her more. Wish I could tell her how much I'm going crazy each day. Doing everything I can just to survive. I know she's watching over me, and probably smiling. 

I just wish she could witness how much I grow as a person. Hoping I am at least half of the person she wished me to become. After all the things that happened, I know I should be brave enough to face this world. I am, but there are days when I feel so tired of breathing, her memory comes in, and I can help but wander through certain memories.

Times when things are still in place. Times when she's still alive. I don't know but no matter how hard I try to convince myself that everything's gonna be fine, that I'll be alright soon, that I can make things work, but there's just a moment like this when I can help but wish she's home. 

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