My mental peace is my top priority. I allow people who listen, understand, respect my boundaries.


Hyderabad: 20 Jan 2023: I can erase your existence even if you’re infront of me. At the end of the day, my mental peace is my top priority. I only allow people who knows how to listen, understand, and those people who respects my boundaries.
It’s not that i have this persona or facade but it’s a way for me to avoid some negative people. People who prefers to be toxic, away from people who loves to create issues, people who has insecurities, people who is jealous in friendships.
I can ignore you as much as i like and I don’t regret it. Because i know that some people can pretend and will play the victim in the end.
As I’ve grown, my mind is maturely immuned to people who pretend to be kind while pointing a knife at my back at the same time. I’m tired of all the Lies, I’m tired of all of the things that broke my peace created by people who spreads negativity.
Now that I’m in my comfort zone, i have friends whos always been there for me when times i needed them, friends who shares good thoughts about life and people who value you and share their growth with you.
Yes, i can ignore people, — and sometimes i just don’t care about people with narcissistic behaviors. It’s tiring as hell and I will not take the risk nor sacrifice my emotional peace and my innocence.
I cherish my people, i cherish our bonds, i cherish them because they’ve given me the warmth and the acceptance.
Be careful of choosing your friends. Be careful of loving two faced people.
There’s nothing wrong of having standards around your circle, choose people who respects your time and your emotional boundaries as a human. Because people will stay if your intensions are kind and pure.
Treat them fairly and never broke their trust.
— Pepper Mar




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