Never Marry

Khadija Abbas
Hyderabad: 17 October 2021: (1) A super immature manchild. He will never let you lookafter your actual babies because he is still a whining little baby himself. ("Meray jootay uthao aur phir diaper bhi change kardo Begum")
2. A 'ehsaan jataanay waala' kanjoos aadmi jo aap ko job bhi nahi karnay dey ga, aur aap ko kuch na kamaanay ka taana bhi maarta rahay ga. (Abbey chahtay kya ho?)
3. Never marry a "cheap" man. You will sacrifice all your luxuries for his unappreciative self and d¡e in his 5 Marley ki jaidaad jo bhi usko uskay abu ne hee di hai. ("Mein tumhein zada khushi tou dey nahi sakta mgr mental torture tou dey hee sakta hoon Begum")
4. Never marry a man out of his "bechara mentally kitna sataaya hua hai aur usko saharay ki zarurat hai" personality, you will regret it forever. (You need a Psychiatrist bro, not a Biwi).
5. Never marry a man who demands you to respect his parents and ask you to become a maid for them but stops you from helping out and caring for your own parents because "shadi K baad apnay ammi abu se tou DNA bhi separate ho kar saas sasur ka hojaata hai agr aap larki ho". ("Tumharay Maata pita hein, mgr meray nahi? STFU Devdas")
Only marry either Sabir or Shakir, not both. Because then it will become confusing.

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