No crackers on this Diwali , Hindu citizens cant rejoice their holy festival with full zest

Karachi: 3 November 2021: One of my Hindu friends shared this and I couldn't gather words to apologise to him. If roads can be blocked, loud qawalis can be played during Eid Milad, if Muharram Jaloos can happen, if TLP can be allowed to block roads and also carry out vandalism, then why Hindu citizens can't rejoice their holy festival? Don't come at me with pollution and danger of firecrackers because since childhood I have been witnessing lighting of fireworks & crackers during Shab e Braat. It happens during weddings & other celebrations too! So, until you don't stop all that, you can't isolate one community. Pakistan is not for one community only, and the white portion is not for Goray bloggers who earn millions by showing our tourist spots. The white belongs to our respected minorities and they have equal rights as any other person in the country!

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