No matter how busy my days are, My thoughts are always of you..

Hyderabad: 27 July 2022: No matter how busy my days are,
Regardless of what I have to do or be,
My thoughts are always of you..
Deeply, passionately and devotedly.
I could step into a room full of people,
Crowds abuzz and commotion abound,
In the deafening noise of voices,
And all my heart would hear is your voice.
I’ve always known you were meant for me,
Even before I knew your name or saw your face,
It had been long ago written in the stars
That our love was more than forever.
There aren’t words in any language
To describe what you mean to me,
Nor any expressions of love
That can encapsulate the depth of our connection.
Across a crowded world full of strangers,
My soul has been always waiting for you,
To have and to hold past the sunset of forever..
And across infinite lifetimes we shall always be.
One heartbeat, one soul and forever in love.

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