No-trust move: Maya Ali says Pakistan needs Imran Khan

KARACHI: 01, APRIL, 2022: Actress Maya Ali expressed solidarity with Prime Minister Imran Khan over no-confidence motion, saying the country needs him.
In an Instagram post, the Mann Mayal starlet wrote that "There is only ONE MAN in politics who really wants to do something good for Pakistan. It takes time to rebuild and construct things. Pakistan needs him. Our votes do matter and I stand with Imran Khan."
She is not the only celebrity to have expressed her solidarity with Imran Khan.
Earlier, one of the Pakistan's leading actresses Saba Qamar penned supportive note for Prime Minister Imran Khan over no-trust move.
In a tweet, the Cheekh starlet wrote that, "This is not about one person, this is about Pakistan."
"May Allah (SWT) bless our Prime Minister Imran Khan with success. Ameen," she added. (04)

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