Not all Heroes wear capes and uniforms


Salma Soomro
Hyderabad: 15 May 2022: Not all heroes wear capes and uniform some of them are in the field, working under the scorching sun, going door to door, mobilizing people against the corona pandemic working as front-line brave soldiers. They are convincing people to get themselves and their loved ones vaccinated. Even the heatwave can not stop them or break their dedication to work for their cause. It has been at 48 to 49 degrees Celcius in Hyderabad. One of the hottest and deadly warmer temperatures ever recorded. Govt has issued a warning to stay at home, but they are working to save and serve their countryman while taking care of themselves. If they; are not the true definition of heroism then what that definition could be? Are they not real heroes?
I have seen the iron ladies, in simple costumes sweating in the field but continuing to work, and making no excuse, whereas the male counterparts provide unflinching support to their team members. I assure You that, no one will ever see these people or girls making excuses. Those pretty girls on the team are not worried about their looks or makeup, the sunburns are taken as crowns and jewels, and they are armored with the right shoes like a soldier, vaccine carriers, and other field-related stuff. I request you all to come and see how strong a sinf e nazuk can be.
Yes, they are protecting themselves too with an extra piece of cloth or towel when the sun becomes cruel enough they just soak it with cold water to cover their head so that they can walk and knock on every door. As Hilary Clinton said that women are the untapped reservoirs, indeed they are. The team is not just pushing themselves from their comfort zone but has set a remarkable standard that is not easy to break.
These heroes are none other than the HANDS TEAM working under the person who does not need anyone’s introduction Mr. Razaque Umrani District Executive Manager. A spectacular person, with immense dedication and motivation. He has the quality that if he touches mud, can turn it into a gold bar, even the naïve sheep can perform like lion if they are led by a man like him.
This team has proved my words cent percent true. I have not met Dr. Tanver yet but I already have an idea of choosing the best potential gems of the society to get the task done task; after a brief meeting with Mr. Umrani. He leads his teams from the forefront no matter what the time is, if his assistance is needed he remains available there. His leadership qualities made him stand out from the crowd so as did his team. Indeed the work they are doing cannot be compensated in the form of monetary benefits and bucks. Their job is far harder and bigger than the salary they are getting. It would be an injustice to say that they are working for money. The youth is mature enough to realize the needs of society and wanted to put their share in the betterment.
Till today there are several myths and fears regarding the corona vaccine. So the teams first have to work on the minds of the society to help them unlearn the myths and fears and then help them relearn. Thus it makes their task a bit challenging. Because the literacy ratio is not high in Pakistan. The opposition to vaccines was reported worldwide even in America and Canada as well. Sindh Government, Health Department, D.H.Os vaccination staff, and HANDS are doing their best job. We are all in this together and together we will succeed for sure.

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