Islamabad: 8 Dec 2022: OUR SACRED VOW
To the man, it's true, your shadows hurt me so,
The depth of which, your mind could never know,
Yet we're here to rise in love for ever more,
It's why we chose to tread this timely floor.
I'm your woman, I'm your mother, daughter, wife.
I'm your sister, I'm the friend you left behind.
I am you, it's why I'm bound to you for life;
In love or pain, forever by your side.
Each life we choose to lift this loving high,
Every time, our truth gets lost within the night.
You fall in pain when I feel strength to fly,
Then I get lost, let darkness take my light.
Let's now just choose to let those shadows fly,
Join our hearts play with magic in the night,
For surely you can feel the light and see
What will be was always meant to be.
No more games, we must choose to fly above,
It is is our path to remember all our love.
A part of one, two opposites forever;
Born worlds apart to find our universe together.

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