Hyderabad: 13 February 2022: It is hard to fathom why you would want to shoot yourself in the foot with these theatrics, pray! Much less said about the timing the better (clearly, not learning from the debacle the intra party polls perilously close to the 2013 general elections caused). Even if the intention was noble, it just isn't viable in a polity like Pakistan's (one suspects even elsewhere).
With a razor thin majority, you're always susceptible to be sold out by the ones smarting from a public loss of face and calibrating their political capital with an eye on the next elections (many of them were already thick into the game before this ill-timed stunt).
To be sure, Asif Zardari also dished out 'Pride of Performance' awards to his minions back in the day as president but those were not set up for any kind of competition within or without. Not only would this not work, it is bound to create such bad blood – regardless of merit – that Imran Khan would only come to grief 'playing cricket' in politics.

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