One for the road

Hyderabad: 11 February 2022: Oh, the irony... These days it has truly been painful for me to see, just how little of a place that I have left within her eyes. Where once those beautiful pools of blue sparkled at the mere mention of my name, they have now fallen so dim, you would think her eyes were closing all the same. I guess that old cliché of being out of sight and out of mind fits her better than my arms used to. Hell, I bet her perfect lips have forgotten me as well. God, if I could have just kissed her one last time... I doubt it would have changed anything. I would have just loved one last taste for the road. But I never even got so much as a warning. Still, a last kiss wouldn’t have changed my fate. At that point, for her, it would probably be just two pairs of lips touching. But for me? It would have been difficult to contain myself. Because it’d be as if I had been holding my breath for all of this time, and she was finally letting me have some air. How could just one last kiss have ever been enough? But in the end, I get it. What woman wants to be held on to by a man she has long since let go of?

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