One tiny hole in the ship is enough to sink it.

Hyderabad: 12 February 2022: Ships do not sink because of water around them, ships sink because of water that gets into them”
A ship is a sailing vessel which travels on the water. Every ship is destined to a journey, no matter how large and deep the ocean is. The ship has to make it a good journey with all changes and difficulties it experiences throughout while sailing the ocean. It largely depends on how its construction and design, the principles it is based on, its state of being stable, the weight with which it moves on, its resilience to recover fast from difficulties and the way it manoeuvres with whatever resistance it has to something, together respond to the waters, the winds and the wounds made by the things and conditions around it.
Every individual is like a ship where life similar to the ocean holds up a long, complex and incredible journey. The success of this journey depends on whether an individual travels it or surrenders to its weights sinking almost without trace. The individual face the same circumstances which the ship undergoes. Likewise, the mental constitution, set of connected and interdependent values, sanity and sensibility, carrying capacity to deal with misfortunes causing hardships and distress, ability to return to a normal state and skill to persist in an activity carefully, of the individual determine to what extent he or she can deal with the intricacies of life.
The positive aspects of all these attributes rest on wisdom which is a prerequisite to acknowledge the essence of any existence tangible or intangible in the world, and developed as a quality through experience, knowledge, and good judgement. Besides, wisdom helps the one to ascertain whether something is right or wrong, one starts displaying ‘integrity’ which is the virtue, and practices what one preaches and does what one believes is right. Wisdom allows a person to become a ‘man of principle’ as not a man who understands a principle, but a man who understands, accepts, and lives by a principle.
A man of integrity with wisdom can understand the value of karma in life. The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles driven by good and experiential judgements with inherent knowledgeability helps the individual to set the sum of their actions in this birth. Once the actions are set, one focuses on one’s performance to accomplish these actions and their parts gradually. Their value system works like the immune system, which provides resistance to the risk of being attacked or harmed either physically, mentally or emotionally. Since this journey is long and complex, this individuality is absolutely necessary.
For instance, there is a narrative about an adult male who has this kind of individuality; and who knows clearly what he wants to exactly do in and with his life. He makes few decisions for his personal life, first, he will remain a one-woman man, and second, he won’t have any child, for which he has two reasons, first, he thinks his parents are his primary karma, he must take very good care of them. He shouldn’t extend his karma if he has to compromise on his primary karma. Moreover, he wants to avoid an ethical dilemma where a difficult choice has to be made between a child and parents, as he believes that we have greater responsibility for who exist, rather who can exist. He is of the opinion that as his professional life is going to be very difficult, he could best take care of his parents and wife only.
Like his personal life, there is a definite goal pertaining to his professional life. He wants to be a writer, but he also thinks that every person should set up their business concern, no matter if that person is its only employee. This is important for the sustainability of humankind at large. In addition, a person can enjoy freedom related to work, reaching an existing benchmark, and setting and serving the new benchmark necessary for the realisation of wisdom and integrity. He is a hardcore believer that one should work hard for every penny one earns. Whatever he earns, after incurring the regular expenses he saves up for his business concern. He is not ambitious enough to raise the funds from the market, as he considers writing to be an integral part of his karma and finds “jitni chadar ho utna hi pair fhailane chahiye” which means “undertake only what you have the money or ability to do and no more” the best economic principle since debt is the biggest threat to human well-being.
The personal life is inextricably intertwined with the professional life, and karma is always related to both ‘people in your life’ and ‘work that you do’. His professional life is very tough as earning from writing is a very difficult task, besides he makes an effort to establish his business concern. He gets very little time to spend with his family. In this circumstance, his family demands a child, though before marriage he communicated this all to his wife and parents, that time they somehow accepted it, the present conditions compel them to make him change his decision. He knows if he agrees, everything will change, and the stability he experiences while seeking to attain something will start fading away. He is clear what his life is about, he continues with it without letting this weight drown him.
Since he is a self-employed person, it is always a challenging task to get the writing assignments, but the quality of his writing helps him obtain them. He starts earning the amount where he could also save a decent amount. With this amount, he sets up his business concern which is an institute catering to aspirants to particular positions. He wants to improve the writing standard prevalent, however, he realises that people do not believe in core improvement. He faces a lot of ill will coming from different stakeholders around, but he doesn’t stop doing the right thing and keeps delivering the essential writing quality because that is what work is meant for where quality is the only key to improving human capital.
He gives the utmost importance to the relatively untouched apparatus of integrity, wisdom and karma. This apparatus keeps him away from what all unproductive is happening around him, he is on his way to the long journey of life without putting the onus of it on someone else and without showing any dependence on something. While journeying to fulfil what he determined, he is enjoying his zero proximity to materialism, with the intention that if he grosses substantial wealth in the future, he will pass on that to the deserved ones; taking care of his family, precisely fulfilling his karma towards his parents; and delivering the original qualitative work. He doesn’t let what is around him dilute his ‘in’ any manner. This way of life makes him feel real happiness, satisfaction and peace; above all else, he respects himself, as only he knows what he is and what he has truly.

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