Only a single Cup of Tea...

Islamabad: 1 November 2021: If you want to know how bad this government is even this picture will suffice. Chai only for the PM and none for the guests (unless Viv Richards and David Gower not only declined the offer or consumed it so quickly they even requested the emptied cups to be removed, chances of which are remote)!
Also, the seating is too formal for an occasion like this: Imran and Richards were not only fierce rivals on the field but also close friends off it (Richards has been on record saying Imran's Pakistan was the only equal to West Indies at their peak and Imran has acknowledged Richards as by far the best batter he ever saw). Gower, too, was a contemporary, who has been extremely supportive of Pakistan cricket and more recently, even apologized for England's no-show in Pakistan.
Imran Khan should have discarded such pretentious protocol for this special rendezvous.
Kamran Rehmat

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