Our life is extraordinary and unique from one another

Hyderabad: 13 November 2021: Just when I thought roads gonna lead me nowhere, it comes to me that life isn't just about where your destination is, but how your journey will be going. I'm still alive after all this years, so then I realized I guess I am working just fine. Been bruised, felt lost and pained but maybe it's all part of the journey. And I realized I grow so much as a person, compare to where I start. So I guess it's all working out, maybe?
Honestly I'm at the point of my life where it doesn't really matter to me where I'm gonna be ten or twenty years from now, what matters most to me is where I am today. And as long as I am breathing, I'll do my best to make each breath worthy of me, and I'll hold my hope ten folds that I'll make it to another day.
This journey taught me that our life is extraordinary and unique from one another, so I must just stay focus on my own course, instead of comparing my story to others. Because other's success doesn't mean failure of me. I've been chasing dreams that never meant for me and I'm getting tired of it, so this time I'll trust the process of right timing. I don't care how long it'll take me to reached them, but I won't let the process break my heart again.
I never thought I'll get to this point where I don't really care what people will say about how I live my life. My doors are wide open for anyone to see and I'm all okay with whatever you wanna think of me now. I got tired of explaining myself and I don't feel the need to do so. Knowing how many times I dwell it all inside me makes me realized how much time I wasted being hard on myself. So this time I'm giving it to myself. The convenience of being just me and not taking anyone's approval to feel okay about how I live my life.
Maybe I'm talking so much so absurd but believe me, one way or another, life will put you to a certain point where you'll find it so funny to be able to still breathe despite how exhausting the situation is, by then you'll realized how much capable you are, and how much bravery you carry inside you.
This is me being honest about how rough this journey I'm taking. Acknowledging my downfalls, keeping myself sane as much as possible, and making a promise to myself that I'm not gonna break this time. To where this journey will point me, I believe that God will put me to where I'm supposed to be.

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