Hyderabad: 7 May 2022: "Some people think that the love a mother has for her child is incomparable, to the love a father could feel for him." They say a woman's life changes, her body changes, she sacrifices every little nutrient she counts, to offer it to the baby.
What they don't understand is that the type of love from a mother and a father may become different, never inferior. Those people don't understand that the man's body is also transformed, their mind will never be the same again. They do not understand that, while the mother is dedicated 24/7 to taking care of her child, helping him survive, the father is dedicated in body and soul in turn, to help the two so that, in this struggle, they do not lack anything.
The mother starts her battle: to be the best mom in the world. Father starts his own battle - to take care of them. And so begin the broad working days, nights at night looking for better alternatives to build a better future, mental and even physical absences, betting everything to work, because deep down you know that, at that time, it is the best way she finds to combat her fears. Because being a parent entails the same goal: the mother cares eternally for her children, the father cares eternally for his family.
Some people don't understand that, within parenting, there is no competition. "There is only love and teamwork."

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