PFUJ, HUJ organized in Hyd a successful convention against violation of Journalist rights, Journalists will not remain silent on injustice.

Report by: Khalid Khokhar
Hyderabad: 16 October 2021: Pak journalist body PFUJ ,HUJ held Journalist convention in Hyderabad against proposed media law and other genuine issues faced by media fraternity and on the security of Journalist in Hyderabad.Journalists and media organizations in Pakistan have vehemently criticized the government’s plans to repeal all existing media laws and replace them with the PMDA ordinance, which would create a media regulatory body, the PMDA, that lacks safeguards for independence. While the PMDA will have authority to shut down media organizations, the ordinance also provides for establishment of media tribunals with the power to impose punishments of up to three years’ imprisonment and a financial penalty on content producers for violating provisions in the ordinance. It also foresees a licensing and regulatory scheme for digital media.Senior journalist Afzal Butt said many attempts had been made in the past too to silence the media by dictators, but journalists successfully fought for their rights and this time too, the journalist community would protect freedom of the press.Khalid Khokhar while speaking said that The government through the PMDA was trying to impose ‘media martial law’, said senior journalist. He reminded the relevant authorities that in digital age one could not stop fake news until journalists were allowed to work independently and speak the truth.The protesting journalists were of the opinion that the government through the proposed media authority was attempting to abolish the Newspapers Employees Act as well.Similarly, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has expressed serious concern over the proposed authority.The International Press Institute (IPI), a global network of editors, media executives and journalists for press freedom, today expressed its support for protests launched by journalists in Pakistan against the Pakistan Media Development Authority (PMDA) legislation and urged the government to withdraw it. Thousands of journalists came to Hyderabad for the Journalist Convention against draft legislation that they say would undermine press freedom in the country.The International Press Institute feared the law would “gravely weaken press freedom in Pakistan," while the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan expressed concerns over what it called a “draconian” regulatory framework.

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