Kamran Rehmat:
Islamabad: 10 April 2022: While it is not difficult to fathom the sheer scale of the pressures and pulls he has faced this last month or so trying to survive against monstrous odds, Imran Khan could have used the opportunity for a graceful exit. He should have been more mindful of the millions of his party supporters who pin their hopes and dreams of a better Pakistan on him. Governments come and go. It’s not the end of the world; by no stretch of imagination does the no-trust vote imply that he or his party are done, much less for good. The last day tactics served no purpose and only delayed the inevitable with a sour after-taste.
If at all, he should take heart from the fact that it took the entire opposition made up of nearly a dozen parties campaigning for most part of his stint; a shrill media with anchors and journalists of top media houses becoming part of a smear campaign all day and night on talk shows and the social media; the establishment which paved the way for the opposition with notions of “neutrality” after becoming incensed over a delayed notification; the judiciary which did not even bother to look at the threat cable which formed the basis of the (deputy) speaker’s actions and, which strictly by constitutional fiat could not have been adjudicated upon; deep American involvement at various levels at home and abroad; backstabbing from allies and own party dissenters who sold their souls to the devil to bring one man down: him. As they say, nobody kicks a dead dog.
He must also appreciate the groundswell of support that he and his party have regained these past few weeks to rebuild and stage a comeback based on an honest reflection of what went wrong. But it must all start from the standpoint of wisdom and humility that an adversity is supposed to bring.
Now that he is on his own, he must not only bank on genuine mass support at home and overseas but learn to embrace solid, not weak candidates out of apparent insecurity, and build partnerships and alliances which is where he failed. There will be time enough for a post-mortem.
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