PM summons federal cabinet meeting tomorrow

ISLAMABAD: 15, NOVEMBER, 2021: Prime Minister Imran Khan summoned the federal cabinet meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) to discuss a nine-point agenda including the country's economic and political situation.
According to sources, the premier will chair the meeting which will take place at the PM Office.
During the meeting, the cabinet will discuss Pakistan Democratic Movement's (PDM) anti-government campaign.
The cabinet will be apprised about latest inflation figures and vacancies in ministries and divisions and Ehsas Ration Discount Package Grocery Merchant Incentive.
The appointment of Ministerial Coordination Member in POF & HIT Board and a member of the Electronic Certification Accreditation Council will be approved in the meeting while the Ministry of Energy s recommendations regarding HESCO s chief executive officer will be reviewed.
The cabinet will also approve the appointment of IGFC in Turbat and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
The meeting will also ratify the decisions of the Cabinet Committee on Power. (04)

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