Pak needs an amendment to its PPC Section 509, add a new clause to make all forms of trans phobia a cognisable offence


Dr M Moiz
Karachi: 1 February 2022: Pakistan needs an amendment to its Penal Code Section 509, and add a new clause to make all forms of transphobia a cognizable offence. It makes no sense to have Federal and Provincial laws for trans people but not designating transphobia a crime. As soon as Sara Gill's story becomes old in Pakistan's new cycle, these transphobes are going to come blazing in. They're all already reading their arsenal in secret groups where these young boys and girls use inflammatory rhetoric and plan raids and attacks on profiles of visibly trans and femme people.
Don't be fooled by their use of the word "gay" and "homosexual". They aren't using it on ANY masculine gay male so they use "gay" as that slur. Also remember, that every single transwoman and khwajasira I know has been or is still called gay/chakka etc. Don't believe me? Go watch all videos of violence on transwomen. Their attackers always use these terms. The explicit use of these terms to attack trans and transfeminine people in Pakistan and India is a common norm, and hence it constitutes transphobia.

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