Pakistan's Pride noble laureate scientist Abdul Salam's 96th Birthday

Syed Muzammil
Hyderabad: 29 January 2022: 96th birthday of Pakistan's only globally recognized man in the realm of science and this vehement silence of mainstream media. How unfortunate for a nation of our likes to disown a man of such intellect and talents. A boy from a lower middle class background who roamed the streets of his village in Punjab's Jhang district on a bicycle, carrying his school bag, with his passion and matchless curiousity that kept him going. Salam turned out to become the first to present the Electroweak Theory after working tirelessly on the subject. He received the Noble Prize in Physics in 1979, whilst wearing a turban and shalwar qameez, in homage to Punjab's culture. Salam was the one who started nuclear research in Pakistan and also it's space program but we forgot him. There are streets named after him in places like Geneva but today our youth is even oblivious to his name. Why? because all his achievements stood dwarfed in front of his religious belief, which to this nation is of primary concern, hence it stays impoverished and irrelevant. Dear Salam, we didn't deserve you but today we celebrate your achievements, on the fringes. There is no other path to the future than the one you paved for us. Happy Birthday !!

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