Pakistan's diplomatic ties

Islamabad: 16 Dec 2022: What happened, When Morocco was under the French authority and striving for independence, Sultan Muhammad (V) sent Ahmed Bulferg to the United States to address the UN Security Council. However, French delegates refused to let him speak, claiming that Morocco is a French colony.
Details: Pakistan's Foreign Minister Sir Zafaullah Khan immediately opened the Pakistani embassy in the United States at night and offered Bulferg Pakistani nationality. He issued him a Pakistani passport, allowing him to address the UN Security Council as a Pakistani citizen in favor of Morocco the following day. This encouraged the Moroccan independence movement both globally and at home.
Finally, after Morocco won independence in 1956, Sultan appointed Bulferg as Prime Minister of Morocco, and he proudly displayed his framed Pakistani passport in his office, telling all guests about the importance the passport played in Morocco's liberation.
Muneeb bin Majeed.

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