Pakistan is getting behind in IT sector at alarming level


Hyderabad: 21 Jan 2023: We always criticize Pakistan of being left behind in IT sector but hardly many of those who criticize know that Pakistan has not one but four top notch IT companies which are not only doing business in Pakistan but have solid presence in Middle East, Africa and Europe they are winning many international contracts for provision of IT services and products to their clients by competing against international tech giants. They deserve praise and wider acclaim.
Moreover, as these companies are export oriented they have positive impact on their growth when rupee depreciates against dollar which gives you a massive hedge against increasing inflation if you are invested in them.
These companies are:
1. Systems Limited (SYS)
2. Avanceon Limited (AVN)
3. Octopus Digital Limited (OCTOPUS)
4. NetSol Technologies Limited (NETSOL)
All of these companies are listed in Pakistan Stock Exchange PSX and hence they are providing massive opportunities to the people who will invest in their shares as their growth potential is excellent. At the moment when as a whole market is down their shares are trading at historic lows and at a very discounted price. That is the excellent time to buy them and hold for massive gains in medium to long term.

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