Pakistan s famous hematologist Dr Tahir Shamsi passes away


KARACHI: 21, DECEMBER, 2021: One of the country's most profound hematologists Dr Tahir Shamsi has passed away on Tuesday.
Dr Tahir Shamsi was shifted to a private hospital due to brain hemorrhage.
Shamsi underwent surgery but his condition deteriorated after which, he was put on the ventilator.
Dr Tahir Sultan Shamsi is a prominent hematologist and bone-marrow transplant (BMT) specialist.
He was honoured by the Dow Graduate Association of North America with a lifetime achievement award.
He introduced bone-marrow transplants in Pakistan in 1996.
During his career, he had performed 650 bone-marrow transplant operations and published over 100 research articles.
Dr Shamsi was the one who came up with the idea of treating Covid-19 patients by using the plasma of those recovered from the virus. (04)

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