Pakistanis are upset with Khan for using the religion card, for soft-launching his ‘Haqeeqi Azadi March’ narrating the events of Karbala.

Islamabad: 10 August 2022: Pakistanis are once again upset with former premier Imran Khan for using the religion card, not merely because of the opportunity he took but for soft-launching his ‘Haqeeqi Azadi March’ announcement by narrating the events of Karbala.
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Not the first time: A day before the no-confidence motion, chaired by Qasim Suri, Imran Khan tweeted on Apr 2: “In Karbala, facing an enemy that far outnumbered them, Imam Hussain AS, his family & followers laid down their lives to show people the difference between Haq (right/truth) & Baatil (falsehood). Today, we are fighting for truth & patriotism against falsehood & treason.” The statement faced backlash as people suggested Imran Khan to go easy on religious comparisons as founder of PakDaily, Hamza Azhar Aslam tweeted: “Very unfortunate how you are comparing yourself to such great and mighty religious personalities. May Allah forgive you.”
Called Shia Hazaras blackmailers: In Jan 2021, the Shia Hazara community continued their protest for a sixth consecutive day by refusing to bury those who were cruelly murdered over the weekend. In the Mach coalfield region of Balochistan, armed assailants slashed the throats of 11 miners while filming the entire act and afterwards posted it online. The community was urged the then-Prime Minister Imran Khan to visit them and IK’s lack of empathy led him to say, “We have accepted all your demands. You can blackmail a country’s PM like that.”
The PTI chief’s comments are still remembered to be insensitive and netizens are even more infuriated as they think IK is using the religious narrative to support and validate his own political agenda.That's true he felt the stench of their bodies in Islamabad and told them to burry then first. Even when he went for jalsa there was blast qissa khawani. He didn't mentione them or went to console.

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