Pakistanis need to learn Social media ethics


Hyderabad: 11 Nov 2022: Since past few days, I'm sure you all must have seen innumerable posts about this girl and the viral dance. At first, it was just her dance being shared as it is, but later, it spiraled into h*te, bully¡ng and sheer mockery. People literally shared her dance with photoshopping He|lfire in the background, with Qur'anic verses in the background... I mean, if you consider it to be a sin what she is doing, then by sharing & resharing this, you are also not confirming your place in Jannah! You watched it! You committed a s¡n with your eyes & intentions too! And then acted all holier than thou! She is just dancing in a Mehendi Function- if that doesn't happen in your family, good for you! But if her family has no issue with that, aap sab ko Ammi Abu kyun ban"na hai uska? Wo jo marzi karay, she is not harming anybody! Jahan tak "gunnah" ki baat hai tou only judge her if you have never committed any sin. I wish you had called out r*pists ans abus*rs with the same passion!
found out she's a TikToker and so is the bride and they're pretty happy about the virality - can someone confirm this?
On the viral video of a young girl dancing at a Pakistani wedding:
Folks sorry for being a party pooper, but we don't even know if the girl wants to be in the limelight for her dance. We know how it is for girls and women in our country, and perhaps we can all do just a little better by not participating in the virality of young and/or unsuspecting women? I don't know but this may be affecting her terribly. I'm a "famous" person and I can tell you firsthand when my first Shumaila video went viral, I skipped my classes for 3 days because I was panicking out of my wits without any emotional support. And we're seeing this girl being sexualized, appreciated, loved, politicised, made fun of etc. In short, it's a barrage of different emotions because you're being dealt with in so many ways and it's genuinely extremely mentally exhausting.
Yes there is fame and appreciation and love but there's also a LOT of confusion and negative feedback as well. Just be a little mindful about your online behaviour in terms of contributing to viral cultures, or I don't know maybe this is a new modern conversation that we need to have around our digital behaviours.

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